Unlock the Power to Succeed & Achieve the Results YOU want!

Enjoy an Amazing 2-day Experience that gives YOU the Practical Skills & Emotional Toolkit to Guarantee your Success in both your business & personal life! This event will be held at The Hilton London Metropole Hotel, 225 Edgware Rd, London W2 1JU


Do you know what a Peak Performer is? It is someone that operates in an optimum state – at their absolute best – in all areas of their life AT THE SAME TIME. Can you imagine living your life like that? Can you imagine what you could achieve?

What YOU will get by attending POWER TO SUCCEED:

  • Understanding how you react and operate under pressure
  • Create clear direction for yourself and your life
  • Finally make that decision to change & achieve your dreams
  • Take your idea, concept or business to the next stage
  • Remove your fear of speaking in front of people
  • Become a much more confident person


POWER TO SUCCEED is a powerful, motivating 2-day Seminar for Entrepreneurs. This is a no-holds barred, hands-on, in your face, interactive seminar: You are actively involved in each step of our Empowering Coaching System Process. There is no theory here, we ALL roll our sleeves up and get our hands dirty – there is no better way to learn than by doing, and that starts right now! Accelerate your shifts, your growth and then facilitate your move into a new space:
  • Tell the world your purpose and start to live it
  • Leave fully committed to your mission
  • Release all your frustration and get into action
  • Be able to deal with pressure positively

POWER TO SUCCEED provides a safe, private space that gives you the tools to launch your business, tell the world of your purpose, or just get out there and make things happen for you! We remove everything that is limiting you from being entrepreneurial, successful and holding you or your business back. There is no better way to learn than by doing, and that starts right here!

This 2-day seminar is not for the faint hearted but for people who want to face their issues, challenges and blockages face-on. These two days are for:

  • Entrepreneurs who are frustrated with their situation
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs  
  • Those that want to make the leap from employee to owner

“My initial feeling was that I joined the wrong crowd. I found out soon this wasn’t the case as I took out several life learning’s that I will use in life.”

Tudor Morgienson, www.mediaticdigital.com, UK

Elliot Kay, The Coach with the Hat and Creator of POWER TO SUCCEED
My name is Elliot Kay, and I am a Peak Performance coach.

Let’s be honest with each other… How do you know that I know what I’m talking about? The truth is:

• I have had a successful career and watched it slip by
• I have invested in the market and watched it crash
• I have experienced the peaks and troughs of business
• I have had very close relationships break down due to the pressures of professional life

• I haven't seen it all… but I have certainly seen a lot
• I know what it's like to have the LOUD and limiting voices in your head
• I know how pain, despair and anger can hold you back from taking action
• I know how well meaning advice can erode your confidence and create doubt

I also knew that I had to change - BIG TIME.

So I did.

By doing so, I developed the Empowering Coaching System as a way to push myself beyond my so-called limits and onto the success I deserved. It is these lessons, coupled with years of study, research and experimentation that I will share with you on the POWER TO SUCCEED weekend.

I now spend my time moving people from good to great, allowing them to achieve their dreams. I am also the author of 2 books, International Coach, Trainer, Public speaker, and creator of the seminar It’s Your Right To Be Wrong. I believe that the POWER TO SUCCEED lies inside every one of us, and I have distilled everything I have seen, learnt, and experienced into this fantastic new event so that YOU can experience it in one massive, action packed weekend.

An experiential event, POWER TO SUCCEED takes you back to learning through doing:

  • Experiential learning means you are interacting on a much deeper level where the impact lasts longer
  • You personally experience the lessons taught to end up where YOU need to be by processing the lessons on a deeper core level than traditional learning techniques allow
  • You are thrown in at the deep end, to really search and test yourself, before we break down each exercise and show you the skills you have just learnt
  • You will be facilitated in discovering your innate tools to maintain purpose and passion
  • You will experience human connection like you have never felt before
  • You will possess the power to march into the day with the POWER TO SUCCEED – each and EVERY day

“I would highly recommend this two day workshop. Its amazing, If I said I was going to a weekend seminar called POWER TO SUCCEED and at the end of the two days I find myself writing a letter to my wonderful dad who passed away 10 years and I miss, wouldn’t you be interested to know how such a fantastic 2 day can start with POWER TO SUCCEED and me writing that letter. Go and find out. You will be amazed.”

Gabriel O'Doherty, Homecall Group

“Elliot and his team put on a fantastic experiential transformational experience”

Business Coach, John Brant, United Kingdom

Throughout the two days you will:

  • Unleash your entrepreneur within
  • Take your next big step UP
  • Step into being a Business Owner and leave employment behind
  • As a result, finally earn the money you deserve and desire
  • Commit 100% to your purpose
  • Learn to deliver when it matters the most

Just imagine unlocking your greatness and removing all your limitations


Why experiential?

Let’s think about it for a second:

When we were young, we learnt by doing. We still in fact learn this way. What's good? What works? How it works and what doesn't? We learnt about the power of interaction and relationships; Consequences and rewards: Growing up we got clever and intelligent. We went so far into our own heads that we tried to answer everything for ourselves rather than allowing experience to answer for us. We lost the value of experience and thus developed the fear of taking action. This is why POWER TO SUCCEED is delivered experientially.

At POWER TO SUCCED you will be confronted and empowered with new knowledge, tools and skills - new principles mixed with successful time-tested strategies. By committing to 2 full days you can join many of the previous attendees that have become successful entrepreneurs or former employees that have found the power to succeed in every aspect of their lives.

By the time you leave:

  • You will have clear action-steps to success
  • You will be able to create immediate positive and long-term results in your personal and professional life
  • You will learn how to release your blockages once & for all
  • You will know how to become the best YOU
  • You will possess the tools to silence your doubts, fears and insecurities
There is NO THEORY here. You will be immersed in what is limiting you from being entrepreneurial and successful. You won't be taking endless notes! You won’t have to listen to speaker after speaker, pitch after pitch! You will not leave without the direction to your success or without the tools to get there!

“I came very small inside and leaving with the best feeling I had in the last couple of months (maybe years) it was all fulfilled with love. ”

Jozena Sucansch

"Thanks for the weekend, I woke up this morning and new life is exciting again. I haven’t felt like this for many years. ”

Shonya Karadas

How can we achieve this in just 2 days?

The shift is created experientially through facilitation. You personally experience the lessons taught ending up where you need to be.

Each step and process releases your blockages and rebuilds your core-self-strength giving you massive power and impact. I won't be standing on stage talking at you for hours on end - you can get that at other seminars. We will get results together! What I will do is:

  • Help reveal your pain
  • Help discover judgment and how that is stopping you
  • Help identify your limiting beliefs and how they are holding you back from success
  • Enable you to release all your baggage so that you can move exponentially forward.


“WOW- what a powerful day in a safe environment where I could be myself and free to express supressed emotion. Experiential training from Elliot is cathartic, empowering and will rid the world of conflict to bring peace. I am delighted to recommend Elliot’s work to my professional and personal network. Thank you generous soul Elliot. With Gratitude, Rose”

Rose Evans, UK

“I really enjoyed the day with Elliot, Coach with the Hat. There were several learnings which I’m taking with me - mainly let go of judgement, rejection is never personal. I highly recommend to anyone who would like to move towards achieving their goals.”

Miro Minich, Entrepreneur, UK


Here is how the two are days structured:

Day 1 – Judgment day

We go deep, quickly and I share my powerful techniques and knowledge to facilitate and inspire change within you:

  • • Introduction to the Pain Matrix Imprint TM – our unique formula that explains and breaks down the reasons why people are afraid of success and fear taking action
  • • Address the source of your pain
  • • Learn how judgement affects you and how it is the BIGGEST barrier to taking action
  • • Discover how you self sabotage not only externally but internally
  • • Learn how to deal and dissolve all of the above once and for all
  • • Undertake the judgement removal process
  • • Understand the distinctions that fall under the Empowering Coaching System
  • • Master the Guilt Removal Process

That’s just for starters…

Day 2 – Power Day

After having a sleep cycle, you come back to further cement your learning, continue with your shift and growth, before you step into your POWER TO SUCCEED:

  • • Discover your inspirational values vs your Hollywood values
  • • Learn the 5 key barriers to success, why people give up and why some will NEVER succeed
  • • Learn if you are namer and shamer, which is why you aren’t successful
  • • Learn the most important 4C’s that will build your success
  • • Experience human connection like never before
  • • Grasp YOUR Power To Succeed


Here is the thing, THERE IS NO CATCH! I will spend two days giving, and offering you MASSIVE value for your precious time: If you want to carry on working with us – great! If you have amazing transformational days and choose another path – Great! Either way these two days are my gift to you and my way of showing you a better life… fair enough?

So how much?

The weekend is simply priceless! This is the culmination of all my years of study, of developing and creating The Empowering Coaching System! To give it a price would simply be a gimmick. However for those of you who need a monetary value these two days are worth £1997.

I am giving these two days to you for FREE! That’s right FREE, they are my gift to you.

But wait! There’s more…

I want to start the giving right away, so enter your name, email and phone number to sign up for this fantastic 2 day event that will change your life! (we need your phone number in case there are any changes, not for any other reason) and we will send you:

1. The Coffee Break Coaching Challenge: A Video Course worth £97

One of our signature products. Every 2 days we will email you a video lasting 3 to 5 min’s giving you a coaching challenge for the day, sending 7 videos in total. The videos will get you started and will also give you a taster of what is to come at Power To Succeed. You can bring some of your learning’s from the videos along to supercharge your weekend…

2. An audio recording giving the 5 P’s of Power Performance worth £27

I introduce you to the 5 P’s to becoming a powerful peak performer, the most important points I can provide. Listening to this audio will further help you lay foundations for your journey to success.

3. A recording of one of my signature talks, ‘Are Living A Hollywood Purpose’ recorded live at The Yes Group London in 2011, worth £47

This fantastic recording is a great taster of what is to come over the POWER TO SUCCEED weekend…

Total Value of these extra gifts? £171 In total I am giving you £2,168 of a gift to simply to show up, how does it get any better than that?

“Elliot Speaks from the heart and his genuine care and passion for what he does is completely felt during the weekend. He truly is on a mission to help others and will touch lives along his journey. He certainly touched mine this weekend. "

Liat Soreman


POWER TO SUCCEED is a 2-day hands-on, in your face experiential and interactive seminar – where you are actively involved in each process.

To book your place and receive your gifts, please put your name and email in the box and we will see you on the 10th and 11th 2014 at The Hilton London Metropole Hotel, 225 Edgware Rd, London W2 1JU for a weekend which will show you your POWER TO SUCCEED.